EPC of GIS (Hybrid) Substation

Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 132 KV/33 KV Substation at Jat Tarodi (Nagpur) with Hybrid type outdoor GIS bay units and associated 132 KV Underground Power cable feeders.

The scope of work is as follows:

Establishment of 132 KV S/S at Jat Tarodi using 132 KV Hybrid type outdoor GIS bay units having 2 main bus arrangement (Main I & Main II) and 33 KV Indoor GIS ( Single bus ) on turnkey basis including Design , Engineering, Supply of all equipments / materials / mandatory spares and tools , erection, testing and commissioning of all required materials with associated civil works including clearing of the site , removal of obstacles , liasoning for approvals / clearances from concerned authorities for 132 KV GIS S/S. ( Supply of Transformers will be in MSETCL’s scope )

  •  2 x 132 KV outdoor GIS (Hybrid) Bays for Feeders.
  •  2 Nos. 132KV outdoor GIS bays for 132/33 KV, 50 MVA Power Transformer.
  •  132 KV outdoor GIS Bay for Bus coupler.
  •  2 x 132 KV Bus PTs bays.
  •  Erection of 2 x 25 MVA, 132/ 33 KV Power Transformers to be supplied by owner.
  •  33 KV metal clad Indoor SF6 GI switchgear board with configuration 2I/C + 1B/S + 12O/G + 2 Bus PTs.

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